At Ladder to the Moon we offer 3 core services that support Care providers to achieve Outstanding care. These 3 services can be tailored to suit your environment, and at each level we work with you throughout. We offer enabling programmes to take your care business to the next level. With over 12 years of experience in the care sector and multi-award winning services, Ladder to the Moon is unique in the industry as a way to support the development of people and communities. Find out more about our approach here...

Ladder to the Moon’s approach is so radically different from what people usually experience in social care. This is about the way we are with each other, and our shared responsibility for the atmosphere in the home.
— Brian James, Operations Manager, Keychange

We offer Two core services that support Care providers to achieve Outstanding care:

Creative Leadership

Creativity and innovation are at the heart of CQC Outstanding requirements. Our long-term coached leadership programmes enable homes to develop a creative care culture and achieve their CQC rating aspirations. 

Outstanding Activities

Enabling activities staff to be a key driver for a culture of activity that everyone is responsible for. Including coaching, training and monthly creative activity boxes.

We also offer workshops for conferences and events and bespoke consultancy, read more here...

See the change in a home we work with, in just three months.

Founded in 2001 Ladder to the Moon's mission is to build peoples confidence and skills to lead creative approaches in the care sector. As a social enterprise it  has come a long way from it's roots providing interactive experiences for people living with dementia, to become a internationally recognised provider of innovative leadership approaches for change, creativity and innovation in the care sector. Since 2005 the company has been led by Chris Gage who was inspired to transform care after his grandmother's' experience living with dementia in a residential home.

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