100% of Group Portfolio Good or Outstanding, 23% Outstanding Overall

Over two years Forest Healthcare moved it's services from 0 to 3 Outstanding Overall, and the 4 homes with Requires Improvement moved to good. The companies relationship with Ladder to the Moon was a key part of the change, through leadership development, coaching, activities programmes and culture interventions.

Our relationship with the team at Ladder to the Moon has been a fundamental element in our homes achieving overall Outstanding. We are seeing tangible benefits for staff, managers and, most importantly, the people we care for.
— Paul Musgrave, CEO, Forest Healthcare

A Group finding it's identity and delivering on potential

Improved occupancy has been a direct result of Keychange's work with Ladder to the Moon to develop a vibrant culture.

Working with Ladder to the Moon helped us find our identity. We’ve moved from
islands of managers running tasks for individual homes and hostels, to a leadership team delivering a vision for a group in multiple locations.
— Brian James, Operations Manager, Keychange

£24,000 saving on staff sickness in one home

By developing shared vision for the future, supporting the leadership to engage colleagues, and building teams Ashley Gardens saved over £2,000 per month and developed a compelling USP in the local area.

We support ideas now that we would have thought were too difficult, too ambitious. But we can do it! I feel that the Ladder to the Moon work has greatly attributed to the Outstanding rating in responsive.
— Jo Mazza, Manager, Ashley Gardens