Example outcomes to date

£20,000 saving on staff sickness in 6 month period in a single home. “The attitude here has changed into a more exciting, sharing, communicating and working together community... I didn’t used to enjoy my job. I thought I was losing a battle. Now I feel I’m winning, I’ve got my team behind me.” Lorraine Coe, Manager, Holmers House, Heritage Care

Middle of the road home becomes one of the ‘go to’ homes in the region for dementia and is shortlisted in regional Care awards. “We definitely wouldn’t have been there without Ladder. Even people who haven’t been on the course are behaving differently. People are doing far more things with residents – It’s been very infectious.” Sam Lambourne, Manager, Hinton Grange, Care UK

Teamwork +15% Competence in role +11% Ability to engage with people living with dementia +15% (Self-reported increases in skills amongst 125 carers and auxiliary staff). Skills For Care Funded project with Barchester Healthcare, “The team have really gelled a lot more and they’re more willing to support activities.” Emma Bryer, Manager, Ashlar House Barchester Healthcare

Activity shifts from one person’s role to everyone’s job. “The difference is that the care team are interacting more, before it was just personal care, that’s it.”  Helen Murray, Social Coordinator, Hawkinge House, Graham Care

Quality of interaction schedule scores double, compliments up from 4 to 300 over a 6 month period, “It has opened a lot of staff's eyes as to what they can do and what they can achieve and the ones that were less confident given them more permission.” Anne Mass, Manager, Broadlands, Greensleeves Homes Trust

Customer Satisfaction 91% (up 9%) "Staff are becoming more confident in managing the residents, particularly those that are isolated" Jo Mazza, Ashley Gardens, Lifestyle Care

CQC Outstanding Caring & Responsive ”It's about making sure everything we do is about the people who live here" Elizabeth Clements, Manager, Rush Court, Elizabeth Finn Homes

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