We work with you to understand the risks and opportunities in your organisation and develop effective responses. Our audit and diagnostic services help you identify what is happening in your business from the boardroom to bedside. 

  • For boards we help you understand the effectiveness of strategy, and the potential for innovation in your organisation.
  • In services we help you and your teams identify risks and opportunities; and understand blocks and challenges to change.
  • On front line we help colleagues understand the customer experience.
  • And across organisations we use tools to measure leadership effectiveness, and organisation culture.

Once we have worked with you to understand the situation we develop programmes to enable you to achieve the changes you want to see.

Audit and Diagnostic and your KLOE's

Having a perspective of what a CQC inspector will see when they come into your service is a key component to delivering Good and Outstanding services.

Do managers and staff have a shared understanding of the key challenges, achievements, concerns and risks?
— CQC Well-Lead KLOE (W1.8)