We improve quality and business performance in the care sector

At Ladder to the Moon we support organisations to deliver outstanding customer experiences, engage staff and improve business performance. We do this by working with you to develop your people, processes and culture.

We focus on supporting you to create the conditions that mean your colleagues get the most out of coming to work, and that you and your customers get the most out of them being there. For us great performance means delivering fantastic outcomes for your clients, with people who love coming to work; being both efficient and creative; and consistently learning and adapting to improve.

As a CQC recognised provider we use approaches that incorporate consultancy, training, coaching and vibrant events that shift culture. We involve everyone in the organisation: senior leaders and frontline staff, people living with long-term conditions, and the wider community.

So far, we have supported 13 care services to achieve CQC Outstanding. 

Our relationship with the team at Ladder to the Moon has been a fundamental element in three of our homes achieving overall Outstanding. We are seeing tangible benefits for staff, managers and, most importantly, the people we care for.
— Paul Musgrave, CEO, Forest Healthcare

At Ladder to the Moon we offer consultancy and training services in key areas that support you to achieve consistently Good and Outstanding ratings. We tailor our approach to suit your environment, and we work closely with you and your teams throughout. 

With fourteen years operating in the care sector, a string of innovation awards, and 80 years combined experience, Ladder to the Moon is highly regarded in the industry as a way to support the development of people, communities and organisations.

We are always ambitious, we're shooting for the moon after all, and we love working with people who are ambitious too. We're particularly passionate about people leading their lives to the full, whatever their circumstance, and we want to see care services that are vibrant, full of opportunity and constantly working to improve.

To fulfil your ambition we recognise that the people you work with need straightforward approaches. We have brought leading edge evidence based tools and programmes alongside our sector experience to support them every step of the way. Our consultancy and training helps you and your teams identify your ambition and put in place what's needed to take your care business to the next level.

For us the moon is a shared vision for inspiring, profitable, vibrant services, the ladder is the processes and structure that help you to get there.

Our Story

Founded in 2001, Ladder to the Moon's purpose is for everyone experiencing care to flourish. As a social enterprise we have come a long way from our roots providing interactive experiences for people living with dementia, to become a recognised provider of innovative and impactful improvement programmes and consultancy in the care sector. Since 2005 the company has been led by Chris Gage who was inspired to transform care after his grandmother's experience living with dementia in a residential home.

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