Creative Leadership Workshop at National Dementia Congress

I'm running a workshop next Wednesday (4th Dec) at the National Dementia Congress along with  Neil Maiden and Alise Kirtley from The Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice at City University London and our own Shula Hawes.

Creativity is not a gift of a chosen few, but a skill that can be developed with the use of evidence-based techniques. In dementia care, creative thinking plays a pivotal role in being able to offer services of highest quality; from leadership and workforce development through to person-centred practice and positive risk taking. In fact, the Care Quality Commission states that creativity and innovation are key differentiators between Good and Outstanding adult social care services.

Creative Leaders at a recent conference for the orders of St. John Care Trust

Creative Leaders at a recent conference for the orders of St. John Care Trust

In this workshop, Ladder to the Moon and City University London will explain and contextualise creativity in care, in the light of CQC guidance. They will demonstrate how creativity and innovation can be put into practice, with reference to their own tools and the impact these have caused.  

In small groups, participants will then use different creativity techniques (from Ladder to the Moon and City University London, including the digital tools Care’n’ Share and BeCreative in Care) to develop new ideas for providing person-centred care. Groups will consider real-life scenarios and discuss case studies of creative and innovative practice, to fuel their own ideas and self-reflection.

A short closing presentation will emphasise key factors in successful use of creative and innovative approaches, as well as the challenges. Participants will also be signposted to the resources that are available to support creative and innovative practice.

Who should attend:

This workshop will be of interest to care service owners, care commissioners, care practitioners, carers and people living with dementia.

Participants will gain:

  • Understanding of the role creativity and innovation in care, including how it can look in practice, the outcomes it can deliver and how it corresponds to CQC guidance.
  • A number of creative approaches to care challenges, as explored by the attendees together in the session, guided by an expert in creative thinking techniques.

Hope to see you there!