1960s fashion reaches those at risk of social isolation

“These boxes are going to absolutely change the way people look at activities. It’s absolutely brilliant.”

Activity Coordinators participating in Ladder to the Moon’s Outstanding Activities programme receive a box every month containing inspiring resources. Every box has suggested activities, guidelines and top tips for stretch and success with engaging residents, including those at risk of isolation, colleagues and the community. Whilst it may be unsurprising that our 1960’s fashion show box caused vibrant events across the UK, connecting residents and staff in new and creative ways, I'm thrilled to report that it has also been used to great effect to involve residents at risk of social isolation. 

"She had very little contact - she is self sufficient and was never interested in any approach I made..."

....reflected an Outstanding Activities participant in Norfolk. Our 1960s fashion shows box combined with the ongoing support this Activity Leader has received on our development days created the opportunity for change: 

"She was in the room reading whilst I was working with others on preparing handkerchiefs for the tie dying. 
She started to join in the conversation, [I offered her] some of the pictures I was using [and she looking at them] started to offer suggestions.
I was able to show her later how the tie dying turned out. She was interested to see it and I now feel more able to chat with her which will help in the future when she has more "down days.”

In Nottingham, Activity Coordinator Jeanette Jordan partnered staff and residents together for a 1960s fashion show competition. Relationships were formed and deepened as pairs bonded over preparation for the day: clothing was discussed and picked out and clothes were tie-died!

“It was different to see so many residents and staff involved.”

A resident from assisted living never usually goes out, but an invitation to the 1960’s fashion show created a spark. She spent all morning getting ready to come downstairs and join in.

Donald never normally leaves his room, but the 1960’s event brought him something new and of value. Here he is seen posing confidently in his newly tie-dyed top and bandana, with Laura Metcalfe (R) and manager Jayne Newbutt, (L).

Jayne Newbutt, Donald Cogins & Laura Metcalfe celebrate a home-wide 1960’s Fashion Show, Hawthorn Lodge 

Jayne Newbutt, Donald Cogins & Laura Metcalfe celebrate a home-wide 1960’s Fashion Show, Hawthorn Lodge 

In Sheffield, an Outstanding Activities participant reflected on their 1960’s fashion show. “Everyone was involved” cleaners, carers, management, administrators, family members…

"I didn't want it to finish"