Delight in Outstanding Evidence & Celebrate Success

It’s an absolute pleasure reading the entries to our Evidence of Outstanding Activities Competition! Last quarter, I saw photos of tie-dyers, dream destination calendars and home-wide 1960’s fashion shows. I heard tales of comic books and radio plays. I was delighted by reports of creativity, responsiveness, improvisation and inclusivity.

I firmly believe the Care Industry must shout its good news and celebrate it’s heroes.

So Ladies and Gentleman, pray silence please.




Thank you.

The winner….


…of last quarter’s Ladder to the Moon…


…Evidence of Outstanding Activities Competition…




…..[drum roll] ……


Margaret Dilks




Greensleeves’ Sharnbrook House




Maggie clearly demonstrated her excellent approach to events and the positive results she is achieving through the use of the Outstanding Activities programme’s monthly activity boxes. Her diligence in taking every box on is impressive and we’re very glad to hear that she is enrolling and involving her colleagues. We also really loved the photos she submitted, especially Edna seen here as Audrey Hepburn!

Providing, in her own words, “Conclusive proof that age is no barrier to glamour, elegance, and mucking around.” Maggie demonstrated the consideration she takes in preparing for events, altering the environment, ensuring invitations, including visitors and involving staff.

All participants in our ongoing Outstanding Activities development programme are invited to make contribution to the competition by sharing evidence of vibrancy, creativity, wellbeing or personalized social engagement which has been caused by their involvement with Ladder to the Moon.

Every three months, a nationwide winner receives either an iPod touch or £140 Amazon voucher for their care service, to help them continue to enhance their activities provision.

Thank you to Margaret - Congratulations and Bring on the next entries!!!