How watching TV ‘soaps’ can encourage the heart of care ....

It’s always worth noticing what kindles the seed of an idea to flourish into a vision worth pursuing ….

‘Holby City’ was the inspiration for a Home Manager I spoke to recently. She had watched an episode in which a dying man had expressed a wish to feel the sun on his face. She easily made the creative connection between this heartfelt request and the situation that people at the end of their life in her home might find themselves in.

Her home is deep in the Gloucestershire countryside and has great outdoor space with many mature trees. Residents already have great social times and relaxation in the garden but often these do not include those who are the most frail. But thanks to Holby City two thoughts combined afresh (the feel of the sun and the thought of her home’s beautiful garden) to produce a new and compassionate possibility.

The manager has set a goal for next year, which is to have a summerhouse – ‘a place where many things can happen and where people at the end of life, if they wish it, can come out in a protected chair to “feel the sun on their face”.

3 tips on Inspiration:

·      It often comes from unexpected places

·      It makes you want to act to change something

·      It will wear off so best get started!


Jude Sweeting, Director of Quality & Enjoyment