The naturist key worker hero

I was visiting Warren Lodge, as part of a roadshow introducing staff to Ladder to the Moon and preparing them for the work we are doing with Forest Healthcare. Towards the end of the meeting, the conversation turned to key workers, and naturists, and I felt I had to share the great work.

I’m not a naturist… 

… and nor was the key worker I was speaking to. The key role of the key worker is to establish a relationship with the individual they’ve been assigned. To see the individual for who they are, to build trust and develop a rapport. And then to offer personalised opportunities. 

Though I'm please to see centenarians skydiving, skiing and running marathons, I’m also happy to accept, that there are activities which can be more challenging as you age. I have to be honest that I hadn’t previously considered getting naked to be one of them. As challenging as this may become, of course, nudity is only half the challenge to a naturist. It’s the designated areas which could easily be inaccessible once living in a care setting that make it really challenging. 

Enter the key worker, our hero, who built rapport, expressed curiosity in this resident’s interests and discovered there was a naturist club which the they had been a member of for years, but were no longer able to get to. And so our hero accompanied and joined them at the naturist club.  

And that’s what I call a job well done.  

Now here’s a quote from an activity leader who has been attending our Outstanding Activities programme: 

“When I started doing activities, I was very fearful.  Now, my relationship with the residents, I sometimes can't believe how happy and joyful they are. [Outstanding Activities] has been one of the greatest experiences: communication, confidence, inspiration. The way you say 'Good Morning', the way you greet people. I was so shy. In the lounge, there were no people. I didn't know how to connect. Now people want to be involved. People are in the lounge at 10 o’clock, 9.30, asking 'What are you going to do today?’ I’m so grateful for it.” 

What are you going to do today to bring happiness and joy?