An idea without action or ‘air time’ makes no difference ...

Quote of the week from one very hard working Activity Leader whilst reflecting on the arrival of a new colleague on the activity team in his home:

“she has so many ideas I am having to use an umbrella to protect myself!”

In conjuring the wonderful image of an unstoppable torrent of ideas (from just one person) the Activity Leader had put his finger on a key principle to consider for any service interested in fostering a more ‘creative’ climate. How do we prompt, value and manage ideas so they give rise to actions that make a life better for people?

Services seeking to be ‘Good‘ and ‘Outstanding’ can hugely change their climate by simply reviewing the opportunities that exist for ideas to be contributed and how inclusive and effective they are. This may reveal that the ‘suggestion box’ in the foyer makes a negligible contribution in providing the abundance of ideas that are needed to create a ‘zing’ about particular issue. They often don’t work because there is no interesting question that is worth answering.

Thankfully these days there are plenty of helpful tools and approaches which can help us prompt contributions enjoyably from one and all and which help us not to be daunted by the thought of having too many or not knowing how to deal with ones that seem dodgy. 

It is worth remembering that an idea without action or ‘air time’ makes no difference. And our tip would be accept them all without judgement and be happy in a great abundance in the first instance. Be open. After that is the time to give attention to how you value and choose the ones to nurture ….. 

Jude Sweeting