Ladder to the Moon Inspires Enduring Impact

I would like to share some feedback from two participants of our ongoing Outstanding Activities programme. One has just joined and one has been with us for a year – they are both part of the Greensleeves Homes Trust.

Let’s start with the participant who recently experienced their first day of the Outstanding Activities programme:

“The day has given me new hope and inspiration that everyone can be involved in 'activity'.  Hopefully, one day 'activity' will be accepted and expected as part of every day, all day - not something that happens at set times with some people!"

“I'm grateful that the company I work for is so forward thinking and is encouraging this to happen. I really wasn't sure about the Ladder programme to start with but after the one day course last week I am excited about the future of activity provision.”

The Outstanding Activities Programme supports a whole service approach to social engagement and life enrichment, using creative approaches to improve the quality of life for people working and living in care.

This second bit of feedback also came from an Activity Leader reflecting on having been on the programme for a year:

“This course was brilliant - now I have a different approach. I’ve learnt how to get staff on board and how to use [course tools] to have colleagues help me in a positive way”.

“We tend to assume - oh they're not helping - find the strengths of your staff and they will help you.”

"I’ve been training many of the staff… they saw how easy it was.”

I am thrilled to note that whilst the Activity Leader joining the programme has a vision of a care sector where there is a whole service approach to life enrichment, the Activity Leader a year into Outstanding Activities has experienced a change in mindset and approach which has been inspiring and is creating this very vision. 

To quote my new participant again “I am excited about the future of activity provision.”

Ben Neale, Head of Creativity & Connection