Delightful feedback

We were really delighted to receive some great feedback from a manager about a recent Vibrant Communities programme.

“The programme found the best in people and used that to help build the confidence of the team and give our residents the courage to participate”

She reported some fantastic breakthroughs with residents opening up.

“Alan who rarely leaves his room sang to us. John who never sits with other residents joined the group and had a great time. Howard left his room for the first time. Mark did not join the activity because he is bed bound but he was keen to contribute and asked to be filmed – he also shared personal history with us that he had not shared before.”

She also told us that the experience had been team-building.
“Staff found this to be very therapeutic for them and was like going on a team building course – they found out new strengths about each other and felt it gave them permission to have an idea and then to run with it. They felt encouraged and confident.”

We really appreciate it when people share positive outcomes our programmes contribute towards.

  1. Names changed for confidentiality