Harleston House Highly Commended

The following Outstanding Activities participant has been Highly Commended for their entry in the Spring 2016 Evidence of Outstanding Activities Competition:

Gareth Harding - Harleston House (Greensleeves) 

For his leadership, creative and playful approach to the Panto box, concluding in a performance of Cinderella with an Abba twist. 

Gareth creating many wonderful opportunities for staff to make connections in a new way with residents, their relatives and each other.

"This was the first pantomime we have performed in the home and it gave us inner confidence to have fun in a different way, it created opportunities for us to share an experience with the residents, their relatives and staff"  

Gareth enrolled, supported and encouraged staff leading to greater confidence: "Staff are more encouraged to take part and become involved in other events due to how the experience made them feel.” He also noticed and evidenced the home's accomplishment and resultant pride: 

The feedback form the residents and relatives have given us the inspiration to do more in the future. The impact has been a positive one not just for us but for everyone, people were talking about how we were taken the home to another level regarding our activities.

Gareth shared the evidence and good news - the event was published in the Caring Times - and influenced and inspired others in the wider care community:

"Harleston received a call from another home asking for guidance on doing their own show in their home as we had inspired them.”

Congratulations Gareth and Harleston House! 

Gareth is the Christmas pudding in the middle

Gareth is the Christmas pudding in the middle