The Winner of the Evidence of Outstanding Activities Competition Spring 2016 is...

Lyn Andrews - Thornbank (Greensleeves)

For her leadership, creativity and whole community approach to the Mega Music Video box, which led, amongst other things, to Thornbank's Outstanding Music Video.

Lyn's inspiring leadership demonstrated effective influence, clear vision and goal attainment.

She was innovative - creating a context where ‘ideas started to flow' - and playful - "Some residents who are shy were open to joining in because they saw just how much fun it was generating." Very bold too, subverting the role of carer and resident!  

She invested in the process, letting the project ‘take on a life of its own.'

Invited involvement from the community and responded to resident, staff and visitor suggestions. And included pets and children! 

'Everyone joined in even the ones who didn't want to take part joined in with ideas and had fun. The amount of conversations we have had over this have been brilliant.’

Shared and supported the sharing of goods news: 

'Family members have been coming up and asking about it as they have heard about it from their relative. It has become a real talking point.’ 

And she noticed and evidenced the wider impact:  

'It has given staff confidence to volunteer ideas and to find out more about a resident…. Because of this some residents will now be going along to a theatre in Ipswich in June to perform their take on Shakespeare quotes."

Congratulations Lyn!! And thank you from Ladder to the Moon for all the amazing connections and impact you've generated at Thornbank! Your £140 voucher is on the way...