Wonderful poem inspired by Vibrant Communities

We have recently started a new Vibrant Communities programme in partnership with Ageless Thanet. One of the group, Ian, was inspired by a visit by the Ladder to the Moon team to write a poem about the film we are currently preparing to make with the group. It is so wonderful I've asked if we can share it with you (see below). Ian is also our project photographer, and will be documenting the whole process - so look out for more to come! 

Ladders to the Moon: A poem by Ian Allan

Old Jimmy was a window cleaner

Cleaning windows in Glasgow toon

One day he was asked tae provide

A ladder tae the moon


He bolted together the ladders

And people then gathered around

To see old Jimmy climbing up

His ladders tae the moon


Thinking of movies like South Pacific

Or Westerns like High Noon

So upon the rungs he then climbed

On his ladder tae the moon


Lines that then had to be learned

and songs that then were sung

Climbing up the ladder

A foot upon each rung


People from all walks of life

will come together soon

to enact the plays and movies

on the ladder tae the moon


Now Jimmy was a character

With a fun and generous mood

who saw himself as a hero

A modern day Robin Hood


He fired his arrows straight and true

As far as they would go

and a lot better than the Archers

upon the radio.


So here's to all at Northdown House

I hope we meet again soon

Tae Robin Hood and Thespians all

As we climb up the ladders tae the moon.


Copyright © Ian m Allan 2016


Take a look at Ian's beautiful photographs on flickr.