Vibrant Communities supports home to reduce behaviours that challenge and use of antipsychotics

“People are off antipsychotics and we no longer have behaviours to report the mental health team. Our way of working with people has changed.”                                          Home Manager

A home completing a year-long Vibrant Communities programme has reported improved outcomes for the wellbeing of residents in their dementia wing. The home has been able to reduce the need for use of antipsychotics. The manager was pleased to tell me that at the last visit from the Mental Health team, they noted the home no longer had any behaviours to report to them.

Through the programme staff have developed new ways of working that support the needs of residents. Staff are now responding quickly when residents moods drop. They are now working to ensure people feel safe when they are anxious, reflecting on the spaces and actions that bring people comfort.

By quickly responding to needs, staff have found that wellbeing can be maintained and more serious or disruptive incidents are avoided. Staff feel more confident in working with people’s needs and exploring ways to make people’s day.

The unit has developed boxes to provide staff with useful prompts for conversations and activities. These boxes support staff to connect with residents, discover more about them and spend time together in an enjoyable way.

“We wouldn’t have got this far, this fast without Ladder to the Moon.”

                                                                                             Home Manager