Ladder to the Moon’s creative approaches help Notting Hill Housing provide “the best job in the world!”

“After years battling to get the staff more involved in activities, I've now got the best job in the world!” Chloe Burrow, Activities Officer, Notting Hill Housing

What a thrilling thing to hear on a Coaching Call! Our Outstanding Activities programme provides a number of creative tools to support positive change in participating services. Coaching Calls and Development Days provide the Continuous Professional Development which deliver lasting results.

Chloe went on to reflect:

“I've realised that gaining support informally is a skill in itself. There are many ways to make everybody like you. It's not about getting what you want - you need to find their lemons!

Chloe refers here to an anecdote shared on the most recent Outstanding Activities Development Day. My colleague Jude, Director of Quality and Enjoyment, has observed that it could be easy to move into a care setting and never see a lemon again. However you respond to this prospect, for Jude, this would be a significant missing. She likes the taste and smell of lemons, she appreciates a slice in a good gin and tonic. But they also hold personal associations and significance, a single lemon linking her to a specific lemon tree in a certain garden in Crete.

On the Development Day we considered that bringing a lemon to Jude would create a very different connection and opportunities than to the next individual. And that every individual, client, resident or colleague, has their own items of significance. To quote Chloe again, “You need to find their lemons!”

The tool shared on this Development Day – the Creative Teams Framework - supports making requests of colleagues to shift their contribution by reframing perception of colleague disengagement. The tool demonstrates that all individuals have different responses and behaviours in different contexts… and that behaviour can change! 

Using this Creative Teams Framework, Chloe has supported staff members to move from inaction and a lack of ideas to providing ideas, offering solutions, and putting creative ideas into action. Innovation!

This contribution from staff is already supporting an improved sense of home identity and gives Chloe an additional connection with her colleagues:

“It's nice to have that extra thing to talk about. Staff are thinking about me in terms of their wider personal network. I have allies in the care team.”
“After years battling to get the staff more involved in activities, I've now got the best job in the world!”
Chloe Burrow, Activities Officer, Notting Hill Housing