The Evidence of Outstanding Activities Summer Winner is … [drum roll] ….

Naomi Mead – The Grange (Forest Healthcare)

For her leadership, success and stretch in use of the Birdbox Bonanza box!

Naomi’s intentional planning, inclusive approach and influential leadership led to a very detailed competition entry with lots of reflection and evidence of thorough engagement with residents, colleagues and the local community.

She involved those at risk of isolation: “Wally said he would not come out of his room to place the feeder in the garden so he made one for his room. Wally loves the feeder in his room.”

 Naomi showed adaptivity in personalising and responding to residents’ specific requests: “There was one exception to this. Teresa refused to touch [the coconut oil] and said it was gross, so she poured it in the cup … The residents have previously said that they would like the view to be more appealing … [bird feeders] have been placed to the front and side of the lounge so that wherever you sit in the lounge you can see a homemade bird feeder.”

And she noticed further potential and delivered further impact, reaching out and involving the local community:

“The residents loved doing this activity so much that they asked to use the rest of the garden at the back for a vegetable patch, and with the involvement of the schoolchildren have developed a vegetable patch growing tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables.”

The Grange have requested an Apple iPod touch as their competition prize, as they feel that this will “have a direct and immediate impact on [their] residents.”

They are already planning their download playlists with “many of [the residents] having Christmas in mind already.”

Congratulation Naomi and all at The Grange!!! Your iPod touch is on its way …

Elliott Grigg