The change is unbelievable …

We love a pleasant surprises at Ladder so here’s one which I hope you will agree is a ‘good ‘un’ not least because it’s all about transformation!

I’ve recently been supporting Social Engagement Leaders to step up to an ambitious new job description which alters their role from activity co-ordination to leading social engagement across the home.

At the heart of the change is the critical shift in commitment which makes making life enjoyable for residents everyone’s business whatever their role. When I met Adrienn and her colleagues in March this year they had made some pleasing progress in the last 12 months but Adrienn herself was feeling despondent and still feeling the pressure of her role to ‘organise so many events, and groups which some of the residents don’t want to come to.’

The vision and planning day with the team went well and staff showed extraordinary willingness to bring their own interests to work. Not only that but they went away and decided to take on new responsibilities and approaches which have involved and encouraged those colleagues who were not at the vision day. The result has been a massive step up in involvement from staff in the home who are now keenly sharing their interests and naturally stepping up to support the residents’ interests as these are discovered.

Adrienn was quick to acknowledge her manager’s role in leading the change and remarked on how differently things were going because her manager was giving more attention to ideas, granting permission, involving herself and acknowledging her staff. As for Adrienn herself well….

“It’s unbelievable the change we have made in less than a year. I now have so many helping hands and staff are recording their moments in the care diary notes so I have less paperwork. I feel more confident about residents in their rooms as I know what is happening for them. I can spend more time creating projects and supporting staff with theirs.”

“I am making bolder requests and supporting staff with what they are doing – its important the ideas come from them, I just support in the background and help fill the gaps.”

What an astonishing accomplishment!

Jude Sweeting

Director of Quality & Enjoyment