The home that moved Christmas .......

What a joy to be on a Centre for Creativity & Innovation in Care webinar recently with a home manager from Harrogate.  2016 had not been the greatest of years for this manager, who had experienced a CQC inspection just a few months after coming into post and before the home had fully realised the benefits of all her work for change.

The inspection report had been hard to embrace and had left the home team low.  Further bad news arrived with the cold December winds when nasty infectious viruses forced the home to close to visitors right across the Christmas period. So Christmas became a moderate affair unshared by residents with their loved ones.

The manager chose her attitude. Having dealt with the ‘crisis’ she looked for the ‘breakthrough opportunity’ hidden in the ‘breakdown’. She and the team decided to ‘redo’ Christmas. So on January 11th the home was doing all its rituals for Christmas eve. January 12th, Christmas Day, saw the post man come in especially to wish the residents a happy Christmas, the staff wore their Christmas jumpers and Christmas dinner and games were enjoyed by families and staff in great spirits.

Finally, January 13th was confidently declared Boxing Day by one and all and the buzz has lived on well into February.

Crisis? What crisis?


Jude Sweeting, Director of Quality & Enjoyment