The Outstanding Activities Competition Winter Winner is ….. [drum roll] ........

Amy Roberts – Maidstone Care Centre (Ranc Care)

Amy’s entry impressed the selection panel, specifically for:

  • Leadership and openness – showing a responsive approach to the icons Photo Shoot box
  • Noticing further potential and her ability to deliver impact - personalising her approach in responding to residents
  • Transforming crises into opportunities 
  • Embedding her practice

The Evidence:

During the home’s first session using the evocative Icons Photo Shoot activities box, a resident began to discuss his time in the army and the different uniforms worn. Seeing the opportunity present in this engagement, Amy and the activities team decided to extend the ‘dressing up’ aspect of the box. They sourced additional armed forces uniforms – both Navy and Army – from the local theatre’s wardrobe department and gave residents another opportunity to not only ‘dress up and have their pictures taken’, but also, invaluably, another opportunity to connect.

Amy elicited interest and aroused curiosity in the uniforms and event by donning first the Red Cap uniform and then the Wren’s uniform and enjoyed her own multiple ‘tours of duty’ around the home.

Residents were both surprised and amazed, with some commenting that the event was ‘better than Christmas’, with the original resident whose memories sparked this new opportunity thoroughly enjoying dressing up as an army officer. He had his picture taken and has it framed and proudly on show in his bedroom.

To further broaden the impact of the activity, Amy wrote a report, replete with photos, and disseminated it amongst interested parties: staff, relatives and visitors. And perfectly summarised the moving impact the occasion had on the activities staff with the heart-warming quote: ‘None of us were quite prepared for the reaction of some of our residents…and the emotion in their eyes that left us all with a lump in our throats.’

Congratulations Amy and well done to all the staff and residents of Maidstone Care Centre!

Elliott Grigg, Project Officer