Creative Cat - Creativity is often really simple

In honour of national cat day this week. I want to share a tiny moment of creativity with you.

When I’m running creativity training, I always talk about creativity as anything that is new that makes a difference (more on that in my TEDx talk - Creating the care we all want), I ask groups to discuss examples of creativity in their own services. The other week when I was with WCS Care, one carer described a women she cared for who loved animals, and was now pretty isolated in her room. The example of creativity was that the carer decided to bring her cat from home in to the womans room, provoking a lot of joy and wellbeing. 

We all know that animals often make a difference to wellbeing. The point of this post though is the simple act of creativity from the carer. That the carer took a moment to use what she knew about the person she was supporting; thought widely about what she had access to that might make a difference, including things in her personal life; and took action.

We are all creative, and it is often as simple as this example. The difficult bit can be doing it, and developing a culture in our work environments and in our teams where we are regularly thinking about what's possible, and making it happen.

What can you do that is new and will make a difference to someone? Happy (belated) cat day.