Leading Innovation in Kent - Recruiting for our second cohort

Leading Innovation
in Kent 

An opportunity for KiCA members to innovate and improve business performance, reputation and CQC rating. 

We are excited to announce this new programme which is essential to future proofing your organisation. We want to help you become one of the leading innovators in the Kent Care Sector whilst saving yourself 67% of the normal price.

Do you want to be part of a high-profile innovation programme, 

Do you want to ensure all your service are Good and become Outstanding?

Do you want to retain your Outstanding rating?

Do you want to develop new ways of working inside your organisation?

Do you want to work with other organisations passionate to innovate in your local area(s)?

Do you want to able to demonstrate to CQC that your organisation is Well-Led?

Do you want to build your reputation with KCC?

Do you want to work with sector leading, CQC recognised creative care consultancy?

Do you want to pay only one third of the cost of the programme?

Are you willing to challenge yourself and your senior team to work differently?


If so, we’ve got a fantastic opportunity for you that you cannot afford to miss.


The opportunity

At the heart of CQC Outstanding ratings are creativity, innovation and continuous improvement, with 71% of KLOE’s looking for evidence of this. Organisations with a culture that is focused on delivering the best experience for the people they support and are creative and responsive in their approach have higher occupancy/hours, and higher staff engagement.

Developing a culture for creativity and continuous improvement is a challenge with current pressures on fees and staffing. It delivers significant benefit for services working to improve, either from RI to Good, or from Good to Outstanding. It requires a strategic approach, alongside leadership development at all levels of the business. 

Ladder to the Moon is a CQC recognised training consultancy working strategically with KiCA and KCC to support providers to develop high quality services where everyone is flourishing. 

 Supported by funding from KCC our proposal is to work strategically with you in the first instance to develop an approach across four key areas of your business; culture, leadership, process and product. We work from this strategy to support your leadership and management to develop a culture of consistent creativitythat drives customer satisfaction and staff engagement in your organisation. Alongside the internal work in your organisation we will also establish a local innovation collaboration working in a single CCG area to work on system innovation and developing new care models.



-      Improved profitably 

-      Your services meeting more CQC good and outstanding characteristics

-      Improved customer outcomes and satisfaction

-      Reduced sickness absence and turnover

-      Innovate in local geographic areas


These aims will be met through:

-      Leaders fulfilling their potential and enabling others to do the same. 

-      A clear shared vision for business performance, care quality and wellbeing outcomes at all levels of the organisation.

-      The capability to make the vision a reality.

-      The development of a consistent culture of innovation and change in your organisation so that people and the organisation thrive.

-      High trust collaboration between care providers to develop new models of care.


“We’ve had
some spectacular and inspiring results from working with Ladder to the Moon over the
past year.”

Christine Asbury, CEO, WCS Care (Operator of 6 CQC Outstanding services)


The programme


This is a journey that takes leadership commitment, time and investment to complete, whilst delivering quick wins and tangible results. The programme weaves three streams of work together: with Directors, Managers, and partners as described below.


Stream 1: Strategy and Leadership development with Directors/Senior Leaders

May – December  2019 

Creative leadership development for Directors and Senior Leaders including assessment to measures three important dimensions of style that relate directly to creative behaviour, problem solving, and change management. (2 Days)

Consultancy to develop a creativity and innovation strategy (1 Day)

Consultancy to monitor and review strategy (2 x ½ Days)

Stream 2: Leadership development for Service Leaders (Managers/Deputies)

June 2019 – May  2020

Creative Leadership Development for Service Leaders (4 x ½ days)

Action Learning Sets for managers (5 x ½ days)

Mentoring training (1 Day)

Peer mentoring

Stream 3: Local innovation collaborative for Senior Leaders

July  2019 – July 2020

Quarterly innovation workshops over 18 months

Expectation of ownership of workstreams from within the group


We expect to see an increase in staff engagement (sickness and turnover metrics, observation and self-reported), an increase in resident satisfaction (existing business measures, and observation) and improvement in quality (existing quality measures and CQC reports). 


Programme start April/May 2019, running to July 2020 


 As long as you commit your interest, influence, and imagination to working in partnership with us, we will support you to get outcomes like this:

-      Outstanding CQC KLOE’s (We have support 8% of residential services that have received Outstanding overall)

-      £2,000 reduction per month in staff sickness absence

-      Service becomes the go to dementia service in the region

-      Outstanding services retaining their Outstanding Rating

-      50% of services inadequate or R.I. shifting to 100% Good & Outstanding 

 Testimonials from Current Participants in the LIK Programme 

“Sometimes business challenges can seem quite intractable. Being introduced to new problem-solving approaches by the LttM personnel, and ultimately involving all of the members of our team, has already initiated new ways of thinking about the difficulties we face. Using up-to-date business theory and practice, well grounded in the psychology of how different personalities can contribute, will we hope help us devise a way forward. We look forward to continuing this process.”  Les Jeffs - Avondale Care 

“exploring your own strengths and weaknesses ensures a better way of steering and stimulating teams so that better outcomes are achieved. Ladder to the moon is making this possible... A great opportunity to enhance success!”  Christine Edwards -Daem- The Kent Autistic Trust 

 Please contact Fran Sexton - Head of Business Development for further details on costings and signing up to the programme at fran@laddertothemoon.co.uk or 07378304357