Outcomes for isolated individuals

I've just been reading about the outcomes for isolated individuals from our Outstanding Activities programmes, and have been enjoying them so much I thought I'd share some of the highlights.

“The box involved people who wouldn't normally want to do things.”

Simon is very private, he has been in and out of institutions all his life and "doesn't like socialising". Jan, the activity coordinator, shared pictures from the creative activity box 1 and then offered the scripts and sound effects from box 2. "He read the script very well. And loved the sound effects, he got so excited." Jan discovered he used to work on a farm, milk cows and drive a tractor. She spent 45 min with him, which is unheard of. Ever since he greets her every day with a "hello!" in the morning. The other day he shook her by the hand and initiated a conversation.

June is often agitated, anxious and unable to settle. Outstanding Activities participant Anna got the Marvellous Motoring Map box on the table, the objects out in front of June and her engaged in open questions and conversation led by the objects June's attention grew and she became more and more engaged and calm.

Rose is quite a private person who "doesn't entertain activity in any way" but the Marvellous Motoring Map opened up discoveries about annual visits to Essex with her husband. This has led to many more conversations.  

Icons Photo Shoot used with over 40 residents in lounges and bedrooms. Staff involved and included residents that don't usually get involved in activities. Brian Jones never gets involved and very rarely says anything; but he wore and posed in a bowler hat from the film icons box. He went on to share stories of his MBE and medals that staff knew of but he never speaks about. Outstanding Activities participant Sharon reflects: "A few days later after I went to visit him and he spoke to me! He remembered wearing the bowler hat. At the end of our chat, he said "Thank you my dear" I've never heard him say anything like that before.”

All this achieved with our Outstanding Activities programme that only costs form £200 per month; shortlisted for innovation in Dementia Training at this years National Care Awards. 

As ever we'd love to be working with more services. So do get in contact if you'd like to know more about how we might work with your services.