Partnering with you to improve performance

We provide consultancy and training for quality and business improvement. Our teams of consultants and trainers enhance care quality and regulatory performance, improving workforce engagement and driving occupancy.

Our expertise ranges widely across the operational areas of care businesses. We address the people, process and cultural components of care business, fixing issues and realising opportunities.

Our approach is to:

  • Support the Development of Organisational Strategy
  • Cascade Organisational Strategy - effectively disseminating values, vision and purpose to enable transformational change
  • Develop Creative Leadership - creating an environment for ideas generation and problem solving
  • Build capability and resilience to identify and solve problems
  • Help teams understand processes, remove inefficiency and improve performance 
  • Embed Wellbeing - in care process, for clients, and for colleagues

Our preferred method is to work in partnership with organisations over time, delivering a blended approach to support organisational performance. Initially we are likely to be working directly on issues, over time we will develop capability inside your organisation, supporting your teams to maintain performance.

We know that care organisations are complex environments, and the challenges they face are often multifaceted. Our teams have a deep range of complimentary specialisms that means we can take a holistic approach to provide sustainable solutions.

Our specialisms in the Care Sector include:

  • Strategy: Supporting organisations to develop and cascade a compelling purpose and plan based on shared organisational values
  • Facilitative Leadership: Developing leaders who create an environment for everyone to be able to make a positive difference every day
  • Culture and Climate: Measuring and improving the key indicators for business performance
  • Creativity and Innovation: Enhancing organisational capability to consistently deliver 'valuable newness' for customer and the business
  • Continual Improvement: Identifying opportunities, developing and implementing solutions, then learning from the process (the Plan, Do, Study, Act cycle)
  • Care: Working with you on a range of issues including; working effectively with CQC, improving KLOE’s, Dementia, and care planning
  • Wellbeing and Lifestyle: Enabling customers and colleagues to contribute, have positive relationships and have great experiences
  • Teamwork and Motivation: Developing colleagues that understand themselves, those they work with and how they are delivering your organisations purpose

We provide:

  • Audit that ensures performance, diagnoses issues, and identifies opportunities in groups and services
  • Consultancy at group or service level. Our expert consultants work alongside you and your teams to scope, diagnose, problem solve and implement solutions 
  • Training across our range of specialisms  
  • Coaching and Mentoring to support change, confidence, problem solving and creativity
  • Culture interventions that immediately impact the front line of care, and shift people's perspective of what is possible and expected in their service
  • Conference talks and workshops that inform and inspire colleagues


  • Improved business performance
  • Increased workforce engagement
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Good and Outstanding regulatory results

Working together

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