Supports you to achieve your CQC rating aspirations

  • equips activities staff with creative and innovative approaches to delivering person-centred activity
  • includes content that we use when training CQC inspectors to recognise Outstanding care
  • drives monthly collection of evidence to provide during inspections

Improves resident quality of life

  • particular focus on engaging isolated individuals

Develops activity staff’s confidence and leadership

  • activity staff learn to enrol colleagues in ‘whole home’ approach to activity
  • offers long-term support and stretch 

Save activity staffs time so they can focus on the people who matter

  • creative activity boxes every month
  • all the planning is done for you
  • includes all materials 
I’ll tell you what really has helped: boxes. The fact that I don’t have to scuttle round shops. All that planning time is invisible and it’s great to have the support. I’ve borrowed reminiscence boxes from museums, but a lot of the time it’s lots of written info. These boxes are visual and tactile and have things to pass around and handle.
— Participant, Outstanding Activities, Northampton

Ongoing programme with cost-effective annual subscription

  • creates and then sustains improvement
  • offers stretch for high performing homes
  • from only £200 per month per service
It’s so simple, but so effective. I don’t understand why every company isn’t using it.
— Lyn Andrews, NAPA Best Activities Coordinator 2015, Thornbank, Greensleeves Homes Trust

Example Creative Activity Boxes