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Improved Quality Of Life for People at Risk of Social Isolation

"The box involved people who wouldn't normally want to do things." - Outstanding Activities participant, Northampton cohort

Surprise and enduring impact with residents who “don’t"

Following this use of an Outstanding Activities box, Betty was in a good mood for a fortnight.

Lighting up the lives of those at risk of isolation  

“One family member was moved to tears seeing how her mother responded.” - Madalena Magalhaes, Rosemary Mount (Keychange)

 Connections with residents at risk of isolation 

“Audrey would have been tearful and upset at having to go back to bed. Instead she was calm, engaged and appreciative.” - Jackie Ash, Poplars (Forest Healthcare)

Discoveries about Residents that Support Person-centred Care Planning

At Forest Healthcare’s The Grange, the Bird Box led to the establishment of a vegetable patch and a regular gardening club. The Gardening club has gone on to make meals using stuffed marrow - a resident chose the meal, grew the marrow in the garden and the kitchen cooked it! This in turn has led to menus being based on what the residents want - they've chosen the entire list.  And a Cookery club is about to start…

Person centred planning for Naturists   

“Now, my relationship with the residents, I sometimes can't believe how happy and joyful they are. [Outstanding Activities] has been one of the greatest experiences: communication, confidence, inspiration.” - Outstanding Activities participant, London cohort

When “No” means “I used to be a ballroom dancer”  

“No.” (That’s not a proper bow tie, I should know: I used to be a ballroom dancer!)

Activity Staff Enrol Colleagues in ‘Whole Home’ Approach to Activity

Ladder to the Moon’s creative approaches help Notting Hill Housing provide “the best job in the world!”

“After years battling to get the staff more involved in activities, I've now got the best job in the world!” - Chloe Burrow, Activities Officer, Notting Hill Housing

Ladder to the Moon Inspires Enduring Impact

"This course was brilliant - now I have a different approach. I’ve learnt how to get staff on board and how to use [course tools] to have colleagues help me in a positive way”. -  Outstanding Activities participant, Ashford cohort

Outstanding Activities caused shift in staff from ‘resistance' to ‘expectation' at Norse Care

Staff from High Haven reflected on being in “a very different place than six months ago: the culture of expectation has changed"  Outstanding Activities participant, Kings Lynn cohort

Whole staff team gets involved with a culture of activities

"The result was that it was easy for everyone to get involved… It was a real team effort."  - Marie Dasylva, Torkington House, Greensleeves

Happier Families and Building the Home Community

The Evidence of Outstanding Activities Summer Winner is … [drum roll] ….

“The residents loved doing this activity so much that they asked to use the rest of the garden at the back for a vegetable patch, and with the involvement of the schoolchildren have developed a vegetable patch growing tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables.” - Naomi Mead, The Grange (Forest Healthcare)

The Winner of the Evidence of Outstanding Activities Competition Spring 2016 is...

"Family members have been coming up and asking about it as they have heard about it from their relative. It has become a real talking point."
"It has given staff confidence to volunteer ideas and to find out more about a resident…. Because of this some residents will now be going along to a theatre in Ipswich in June to perform their take on Shakespeare quotes." - Lyn Andrews, Thornbank (Greensleeves)

And the Winter Winner of the Evidence of Outstanding Activities Competition is...

For the CEO supporting Vanessa’s ‘yes let’s’ attitude and enthusiasmwith the prospect of a final professionally made Coat of Arms chosen by the community.