Key benefits

  • supports you to achieve your CQC rating aspirations
  • empowers teams to deliver an imaginative and person-centred service vision
  • ensures higher performing managers and teams
  • built for long-term ongoing improvement and stretch, as required by CQC Outstanding criteria
[Ladder to the Moon] is recognised as a good practice scheme that involves people, staff and the wider community in developing personalised care. All staff were involved in ‘Ladder to the Moon’ and the registered manager told us of the positive effects on staff engagement the scheme had. Staff spoke passionately about [Ladder to the Moon]
— CQC Report for Rush Court - Caring: Outstanding

Programme Elements

Creative leadership training

Meeting with peers, managers will be briefed on the latest developments in creativity, leadership and care and receive creative training to enable them to manage an innovative service. 

Service vision & action coaching

Our coach works with the manager, senior staff and key influencers at their service. The group define and develop their vision for the service, and establish a change team. The group is coached to create a plan to deliver the vision through the year. 

Team & Individual coaching

The coach will lead a regular conference call with some or all of the change team, to support them to deliver their vision. This regular contact maintains the momentum, helps the team to deal with challenges as they arise and provides continual stretch. 

Indicative outcomes: our track record

£20,000 saving on staff sickness in a 6 month period in a single home.

Middle of the road home becomes one of the ‘go to’ homes in the region for dementia and is shortlisted in regional Care awards.

Quality of Interaction Schedule (QUIS) scores double over a 6 month period.

We’ve changed into a more exciting, working together community... I didn’t used to enjoy my job. I thought I was losing a battle. Now I feel I’m winning, I’ve got my team behind me.
— Lorraine Coe, Manager, Holmers House, Heritage Care
It has opened up staff eyes to what they can do and what they can achieve.
— Anne Mass, Manager, Broadlands, Greensleeves Homes Trust
We definitely wouldn’t have been there without Ladder.
— Sam Lambourne, Manager, Hinton Grange, Care UK