Strategic Consultancy

For Senior Management Teams

Your strategy is the solid core of your business. It gives everyone in your organisation clarity and it helps to ensure that everything they do is aligned to shared goals. We provide years of experience establishing successful strategies for organisations to embed innovation and problem solving into the fabric of their businesses, and deliver Outstanding results.


  • Clearly define your strategy to deliver Outstanding care
  • Communicate your strategy so that it can be understood, at every level in your organisation
  • Connect your creative strategy to day to day process and behaviours                                                        

Leadership and Climate

For strategic and service leaders 

As service leaders you balance complex challenges and multiple strategic initiatives.  We are here to support your service leaders to create an enjoyable environment for people to live and work in. One that delivers exceptional results. We provide coaching, mentoring and leadership development for strategic and service leaders. We also enable you to regularly assess the organisational culture, to help you to stay focused and on track. By far the biggest influence on the culture and climate of a home is the behaviour of its leaders. We'll support your leaders so they support everyone in your services.


  • Enables you to understand and intentionally manage the culture in your organisation 
  • Develops and support leaders and managers to navigate the complex demands of the modern care organisation 
  • Delivers a whole service approach to change and quality improvement 

Diagnostic and Audit

For strategic and service leaders 

To effectively change things you need to understand what the current situation is. We provide guidance based on years of research from academia and practice through our links with Cass Business School, and our collaborations with leading care providers to give you insight into your current operations. We emphasise the strengths and opportunities in you organisation, and particularly your people, that you can focus on to get the best results.


  • Brings leading edge knowledge to enable you to understand current situation and opportunities 
  • Ensures value for money with the right service at the right time
  • Work's closely with leaders to explore drivers, blocks and challenges


For services leaders and staff teams 

Do you want to know the secret to helping your people flourish? Are you keen to understand how your team could work better together? We have the answers. Put simply, people are at their best when they can express their personal values and strengths. They collaborate best when they are clear on their shared destination. 


  • Teams can understand how their individual values align with those of your organisation
  • Encourages everyone in their team to play their part in making change happen
  • Helps unlock your teams potential

Personalised Wellbeing

For leaders and whole staff teams 

We believe that everyone can live their life to the full - whatever their circumstances. With our support, you can enable everybody experiencing your care to flourish. It begins with investment in your team to deliver individual wellbeing.  By working with us you’ll support your people with frameworks, resources and on-the-floor practice. We’ll give them the tools, skills and experience they need to build connections, foster congenial environments and create opportunities for contribution. 


  • Increase positive emotion, engagement and relationships within your services
  • Become specialists in creative approaches to personalised wellbeing
  • Promote a culture where enjoyment of life is possible for everyone, every day. 

Continual Improvement

For whole organisations 

Change is all about continual improvement. Doing things differently, day by day, week by week, big or small, is the hallmark of an innovative culture. If you’re going to provide Outstanding customer experiences and deliver Outstanding business performance, you must be able to innovate consistently, and at every level.  Here's where we can help. 


  • Helps teams understand key issues
  • Enable and empower everyone in your business to make change happen
  • Enhances people's capabilities 
  • Improve waste management, increase efficiency and improve performance 

In Addition we can support you With

Bespoke Consultancy  

We are always happy to build a bespoke approach for your business. Please get in touch to arrange a chat.


We are experienced at running workshops that inspire whole teams to work together, aim higher and find new ways to improve the wellbeing of the people they support. This is ideally suited to conferences, team meetings and away days. They range from highly practical work on creative problem solving, to unique learning and team-building experiences like recreating the sound of music together!