We believe that everyone can live their life to the full - whatever their circumstances. With our support, you can enable everybody experiencing your care to flourish.

It begins with investment in your team to deliver individual wellbeing.

We’ll help your teams to help clients, families, visitors and staff alike to flourish.

Our services increase positive emotion, engagement and relationships. We help to deliver deeper meaning and realise greater accomplishments.

By working with us you’ll support your colleagues with frameworks, resources and on-the-floor practice. We’ll give them the tools, skills and experience they need to build connections, foster congenial environments and create opportunities for contribution.

Life enrichment teams can become specialists in creative approaches to personalised wellbeing.

You can develop circles of care with a wellbeing focus, in a whole service approach.

Moment by moment, you’ll enrich people’s wellbeing. And you’ll promote a culture where enjoyment of life is possible for everyone, every day.

Our services

The services we offer to enable your teams to work effectively together to deliver wellbeing for your customers are Outstanding Activities and Vibrant Communities.

Wellbeing and your KLOEs

Investment in fostering personalised wellbeing is at the heart of achieving the Responsive KLOE. We can help you on your journey to Outstanding.

How are people’s day-to-day health and wellbeing needs met?
— CQC Effective KLOE (E5.1)