• Focus on 5 most isolated individuals
  • Inspirational creative events involving staff, residents, relatives and guests
  • Engaging 60 minute staff training sessions on creative communication
  • Support calls and meetings for an assigned Project Lead from the home
  • Reports and videos from the creative experiences and events

Whole Service Culture Shift

Vibrant Communities supports whole services to achieve a culture shift in day-to-day care and support. The programme combines staff training, advice and guidance with a series of co-produced, creative events enjoyed by the whole community.

The initial event is centred on a collaborative recreation of a classic film. Momentum is maintained through further community events and staff development that continue to support an active, creative and vibrant culture. Success is celebrated through images, video and stories that help to promote your service.

We have been inspired and supported to become more creative and vibrant in everything we do with our residents. We have had some amazing breakthrough moments! And our customer satisfaction has increased in all areas.
— Jo Mazza, Manager, Ashley Gardens, Lifestyle Care
The vibrancy here has gone up 10 fold. I see so much enthusiasm from staff, that just wasn’t there before the start of the project. We’re not having to give them ideas, they are coming up with their own ideas and acting on them.
— Lynne, Activities Coordinator, Ashley Gardens

The quotes above are from long term projects, The programme also works as an inspiration to shift practice through a 6 week version. Here are some of the things our clients have said about this approach.

It’s gone beyond my expectations. Seeing the residents so engaged was great. We had more people down in the lounge than ever before- they were flooding in!
— Sue Tompkins, Manager, Royal Star and Garter Solihull
It was so joyful to see smiles in so many faces. We have learnt so much about thinking creatively, and engaging residents in their chosen activities and supporting them to be involved.
— Lilu Miah, Scheme Manager, Notting Hill
We saw residents engaged and lifted, people who some may have made judgments about, that they wouldn’t be able to do it, that they wouldn’t engage, but they did!
— Sue Crosby-Dyas, Scheme Manager, Hanover