The Evidence of Outstanding Activities Competition Autumn The Winner is … Lynne Lovell – Ashley Gardens (Healthcare Homes)!

At Ladder to the Moon, our selection panel were impressed with Lynne’s entry as she demonstrated an outstanding, approach to successfully fostering engagement and transformation, using The Great Exhibition activity box.

The box was used abundantly and playfully to support an existing event: “We combined The Great Exhibition box with the Victoria Tea Party for McMillan. Over the two day period we gave residents the chance to dress up in Victorian costumes and [we] had a fashion parade.”

It was thoughtfully used in build-up engagements prior to the event itself: “We used the contents of the box to make additional accessories for the costumes, including hats, jewellery and fans.”

And it was further used to incite inspiration, participation and the sourcing of interesting additions, including a gramophone! “We sourced additional costumes, for example a sari, and added feathers and beads to the box … We conducted a Victorian Tea Party and researched Victorian style cakes on the internet for authenticity … [the vibrancy team] dressed as Victorian waitresses and served the cakes and refreshments … We sourced a Victorian gramophone … Staff dressed in Victorian costumes … We had a fashion parade … [and] we got residents, relatives and staff to pose for photographs.”

Congratulations to Lynne and all the staff, residents and relatives of Ashley Gardens!

An iPod touch is on its way …

Elliott Grigg

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