An Outstanding Year of Outstanding Activities!

The Evidence of Outstanding Activities competition has continued to provide a great insight into the wonderfully engaging, inclusive and transformative work that programme participants are creating in their services.

Winners of the competition this year have been:

  • Winter – Vanessa Duggan (Hamble Heights, Chorus Care) for her influence, clear vision and support in the whole home approach to the Coat of Arms box
  • Spring – Lyn Andrews (Thornbank, Greensleeves) for her creativity, leadership and innovation in the production of the home’s Mega Music Video
  • Summer – Naomi Mead (The Grange, Forest Healthcare) for her leadership, success and stretch in the use of the Birdbox Bonanza box, involving those at risk of isolation and personalising and responding to residents
  • Autumn – Lynne Lovell (Ashley Gardens, Healthcare Homes) for her abundant and playful use of The Great Exhibition box to support an successful, existing event.

This year has also seen many entries Highly Commended , from Marie Dasylva (Torkington House, Greensleeves) and Beverley Hillier (Roseacres, Advinia Healthcare) for their ability to enrol others: volunteers, family members and colleagues; to Gareth Harding (Harleston House, Greensleeves) for his leadership and playful approach to the Panto box, creating opportunities for staff to make connections in a new way with residents, relatives and each other.

In the Autumn, we were thrilled to Highly Commend three notable entries:

  • Victoria Pembroke (Pinehurst, Forest Healthcare) for her belief, openness, responsiveness and spontaneity, demonstrable in her breakthrough and thoughtful follow through with a person at risk of social isolation. Carers were amazed at how her simple introduction of a tennis racket to the hand of a man who often slept in his chair and refused to participate in any group activity led to him playing tennis with a young visitor and bursting into tears of joy as he mumbled, “I remember!”
  • Richard Lever (Forest Care Village, Forest Healthcare) for his creation of opportunities for acknowledgement and pride and involving residents across multiple floors and throughout the whole care village. Richard’s leadership in the creation of the home’s music video encouraged people to involve themselves in activities and participate in ways never previously seen before; yet he also stretched beyond the creation of this video to hosting a Premier Event Showing – complete with refreshments – to residents, staff, management, relatives and visitors, which remains an on-going source of engaging conversation.
  • Rebecca Lee (Healthlands, Canford Healthcare) for her impressive reach, resilience, playful and creative impact in the face of difficult circumstances.  Having initially struggled to engage the support of her colleagues and articulate the beneficial effects of her shared vision, through being bold and spontaneous, and encouraging two of her colleagues to join her in dressing in items from the Rebel and Icons boxes, Rebecca experienced a successful, home-wide transformation in attitude.  Traveling through the home, she and her colleagues received many comments from staff, residents and visitors, sharing items and inspiring curiosity; which lifted the spirits of the whole home and has since made it much easier for her to solicit on-going peer support.

Every submission we receive to the Competition is a wonderful testament to the invaluable work and inspiring, creative transformations that all who contributed are making to the environments and lives of those whom they connect and communicate with.

Thank you for a wonderful year and we look forward to seeing what you all get up to in 2017!!