Outstanding Activities programme inspires positive changes to environment at Graham Care’s Hailsham House

Activity Leaders participating in Ladder to the Moon’s Outstanding Activities programme receive a box every month containing inspiring resources. Every box has suggested activities, guidelines and top tips for stretch and success engaging residents, including those at risk of isolation, involving colleagues and the wider community. 

All our tips and suggestions, however, are the tip of the iceberg. The key to boxes’ impact is how they are used and the training is designed to support this.

The key to Ladder to the Moon's Outstanding Activities boxes is how they are used and the training is designed to support this.

At Graham Care’s Hailsham House, recently, two different boxes have inspired changes to the surroundings which have transformed wellbeing and stand to continue doing so.

The Birdbox Bonanza! box included sensory experiences, which social coordinators added to and took to residents at risk of isolation. Plain walls in bedrooms have been decorated with stars and birds, providing stimulation for bedbound residents when they open their eyes. There are plans in place to change alter and update the decorations regularly.

Residents enjoyed writing on blackboards which were provided with the Storytelling Café box. Noticing this, Social Coordinator Stacey bought 5 blackboards, which have been put up around the walls at wheelchair level. Stacey began by writing different things – quotes, observations, names – and drawing people’s attention to them as they passed in the corridor. This has been particularly effective with a resident who often walks the corridors, enabling a connection when they pass. Staff and residents have now been contributing to these new blackboards.

The creativity, connection and contribution provided by these offers have the potential to provide enduring positive impact for staff and residents at Hailsham House.