101 Year Old Strikes blow for centenarian fitness at The Hollywood Bowl, Teesdale - (and care home brings ambitious dreams to life using ideas matrix)

Jude Sweeting, Director of Quality & Enjoyment 

Harold lives at the Millings Care Home at Bedale in North Yorkshire. It was his idea to go ten-pin bowling and it was Sandy the Activity Co-ordinator who whacked the idea onto the home’s ideas matrix.

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The ideas matrix at The Millings care home in Bedale, Yorkshire has been in operation for many months and brings a lively commitment to both valuing ideas and getting good ones into action at the home. Anyone can contribute an idea which progresses round the 4 zones of the matrix.

The sections create an ideas pathway from: Any new ideas to What we have planned to What we are doing now ending with What we have done.

The board helps to involve everyone in contributing ideas for engagements and events and to tracking the home’s achievements. This home is particularly good, Outstanding in fact, at providing a diversity of intriguing age appropriate events for residents to choose from. Craft sessions are often done for a grander purpose and outings have high priority. For example, mandala making for the ‘Mandala Walk’ being planned for the garden.

So Harold’s idea had made it to the ‘what we have planned’ section by the end of May. In June Harold, accompanied by 5 other residents, Sandy and Wendy undertook the 45 minute drive to the the Hollywood Bowl in Teesdale.

Everyone held their breath for Harold’s effort on the lane. And imagine their delight when he succeeded in getting a strike on his maiden bowl. This proved to be the first of a total of 4 strikes for Harold on his way to a winning total of 110 points!

Harold enjoying a cuppa in the café after his win…