The Outstanding Activities Competition Summer Winner is…[drum roll]…

Gemma Smith – The Grange Care Centre (Forest Healthcare)

…for her use of the Marvellous Motoring Map activity box to enable residents control, to involve everyone at participation levels comfortable and tailored to the individual and for demonstrating creativity in response to emerging value.

The Grange are our first double winners of the competition and clearly demonstrated transformation and connection with this winning entry. Well done to all!

The Grange 3.jpg

The summer competition also saw the panel highly commend two entries: Hamble Heights (Encore Care, submitted by Vanessa Duggan and Zoe Morris) and Abberton Manor (Heritage Manor, submitted by Jonathan Walton).

Hamble Heights’ entry demonstrated the home’s inventive approach to bespoking the boxes into additional, exciting and interesting activities for their community, taking everyone on new, creative adventures. Vanessa and Zoe’s inclusive approach to involving all in the home is commended as refreshing and very welcome. This approach has since contributed to the alteration of processes and practices within the home and supported the discovery of new preferences. The panel wish to commend Vanessa and Zoe for noticing, valuing and articulating the benefits of this approach and for highlighting its transformative effects throughout their competition entry.

Abberton Manor’s entry demonstrated their skilled use of the activity boxes to promote and support community building and intergenerational work. Pairing with Langenhoe Primary School, residents and pupils interact and enjoy the box contents together, creating a ‘real buzz of energy’ and a more vibrant care culture. The transformation explored through this entry was warming and deserving of such high commendation.

Great work all! The autumn competition closes on November 1st, so submit your entries and stay tuned for upcoming winners!