The Outstanding Activities Competition Winter Winner is…[drum roll]…

Lindsey Salhotra – Milton Ernest Hall Care Home (Majesticare)

…for her inspiring and comprehensive use of the Snug n Cosy box; her considered and detailed entry demonstrating intentionality in design, thoughtful and creative planning, considered delivery of new ideas, impact with residents, family, the home community and a resident at risk of isolation; and her actions undertaken to embed positive change.

Winner's photo.jpg

The panel also Highly Commended two entries – Paul Turvey’s (Fernhill House, Majesticare) for his bold design and for building the home community with an impressive large scale event inspired by the Icons Photo Shoot box; and Josephine Butterfield’s (Sotwell Hill House) for demonstrating the new opportunities created for residents in using a box to inspire and build a new relationship with a school, and for embracing the possibilities and embedding the change.

HC photo.jpg

Great work all and congratulations to Lindsey and all those at Milton Ernest Hall Care Home! Enjoy creatively spending your prize!

...all three of these stories are soon to be expounded upon and published as individual blogs, so stay reading!