The Outstanding Activities Competition Winter Winner is…[drum roll]…

Josephine Butterfield – Sotwell Hill House

…for their breadth of ambition and long-term impact, including foot massage/ pampering becoming a regular activity and the choice of soft or hard towels has been incorporated into individual care plans!

The judging panel also Highly Commended the entries of St Teresa’s Care Home (Sister Hospitallers) and Cedars Care Centre  (Forest Healthcare) for their intentional and vibrant community building - St Teresa’s build of community using the Coat of Arms box and Cedar’s vibrant and inclusive Panto box use.  

And there was also especial commendation to Maidstone Care Centre who are the first recipients of the Ladder Moonstone Award. This has been given in acknowledgment of their persistent high standard of effort and truly inspiring and very personal results being caused.

Great work and congratulations to all! Sotwell, enjoy creatively spending your prize!

...the winner’s story and Maidstone’s work underpinning the Moonstone Award will soon be elaborated upon and published here in its entirety, so stay reading!