Creativity is the key to Outstanding service in care, at Ladder to the Moon we support care service providers to achieve new heights.

Who we are, what we do

Ladder to the Moon provides workforce and service development that enables health and care organisations to develop active, creative, vibrant care services. We use approaches that incorporate creativity and the arts, and involve staff, older people living with dementia and other long-term conditions, and the wider community.

By working with us, organisations improve activity culture and quality of life outcomes, achieve high levels of staff engagement and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

We are founder members of the National Skills Academy and have been supported by the Department of Health's Social Enterprise Investment Fund. Over the past five years we have worked with residential care and housing providers and commissioners of all sizes.

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Ladder to the Moon is a proven way of improving care to people with dementia and also enabling staff to understand how to deliver personalised care.
— Martin Green, Chief Executive - Care England

Our approach

Our programmes place coaching and training alongside transformative creative experiences. The training supports leaders to unleash the potential in their teams and community; the coaching ensures momentum is maintained; and the creative experience provides a catalyst which enables participants to access new behaviours and relationships that are motivating for all involved. Our coaches and facilitators work in partnership with staff teams to have these improved ways of working embedded in day to day care practice. 

Our approach is innovative and effective because it:

1. Uses creativity to unfreeze current cultures and to allow staff to experience new possibilities. Care staff see themselves, colleagues and service users in a new light and develop a feel for excellence.

2. Fosters a person-centred attitude based on dignity and respect, by building new ways of communicating between those providing and those in receipt of care and support.

3. Grows community and partnership by involving family and friends and building high performing teams that enjoy working together.

4. Inspires and empowers employees by building confidence and self esteem through instant feedback and validation from colleagues and the people they support.

5. Uses practice-based creative learning, making learning highly accessible while offering immediate wellbeing outcomes for residents

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