Our approach is to always work in partnership with our clients. We bring expertise, insight, and development opportunities; you need to provide the leadership (with our support). The most important thing that successful leaders spend their time on is their relationships, when you work with us, we ensure that we have a great relationship based on an aligned vision for your organisation and the wider care sector.

This page gives an outline of how we work with care groups, for information on working with individual services, please click here.

Understanding your situation

When you get in touch with us we will arrange a time to talk in more detail to understand what you are looking to achieve and the challenges involved. From these conversations we will most likely suggest a free consultation assessment to give us both insight into the most effective solution for you. The assessment is done in the form of an interview with you or colleagues to help us both understand your situation. Often this is sufficient for us to make recommendations, however you may decide to commission further more in-depth work.

Proposing solutions

On the basis of the assessment and our conversations we will propose a set of costed options for you to select from. This will range from consultancy, to training, to specific programmes of work in your services.

Implementing and communication

Once you have decided how you'd like to proceed our operations team will get in contact with you and your colleagues to deliver the agreed programme of work. You will have a named Account Manager who will be available to you through the process, and each service will also have a named Support Manager who will be in regular contact and available to answer any questions.


We will report regular (usually quarterly) on the progress of the work, usually working with a mix of our data and insight, and information that you are already collecting in your business. We will meet with you face to face on a regular basis to discuss progress.