This page gives an outline of how we work with individual services, for information on working with care groups, please click here.

Here to help, your Support Manager

Every service we work with has a Support Manager who provides a main point of contact for you, and is available to answer any questions you may have.

How we work with you depends on the kind of programme we are providing. If it is a programme where you or your team come on development days with us, then your Support Manager will provide the information you need and report to you. If we are doing a more in-depth piece of work with you in your service then you may well have a coach or programme lead who is working closely with you.

Working with a coach

If you are working with a coach then they will work with you to understand your goals, and challenges, most likely they will support you to build a shared vision with a change team in your service, and support you to drive the change forward. 

We support service managers in a range of situations, from those who have been rated inadequate by CQC, and those working with disillusioned and stuck teams, to those who have achieved CQC Outstanding, are highly motivated and want to maintain momentum and stretch.

We work with everyone who wants to achieve a positive change in their services. And we find that the more managers are willing to put into the relationship and the change process, the greater the return on investment is.